As an Oxfordshire wedding photographer, there are certain venues that make my creative heart skip a beat. Dovecote Events is one of those magical places. This beautiful historic barn is an absolute dream to photograph.

Dovecote Events is a breathtaking historic barn that's an absolute dream for an Oxfordshire wedding photographer like myself. As you approach, the first thing that strikes you is the venue's tranquil, picturesque setting amid the 85 acres of quintessential Oxfordshire landscape surrounding the barns.

Kate and Alex's big day at Dovecote Events Bo Peep Farm was simply magical and the entire day had a wonderfully fun and joyful vibe that made it an absolute pleasure to photograph

Dovecote Events: A Photographer's Dream Venue in the Oxfordshire Countryside!

The magical day began with laughter and excitement as the beautiful bridal party piled into a fantastic VW split-screen camper van at Kate and Alex's home. Then headed for the charming Dovecote Events at Bo Peep Farm in the Oxfordshire countryside. The lovely Dovecote Barn provided a cozy, romantic setting for their ceremony, dressed up with strings of twinkling fairy lights wrapped around ancient oak beams and pretty drapes hanging from the ceiling.

After the ceremony, we stepped outside for a fun confetti moment, the festivities then moved to the charming courtyard for a drinks reception, where we tried to stay cool on this gloriously sunny day. Kate and Alex are truly a couple after my own heart - so relaxed, always ready with a laugh, and completely smitten with each other.

Golden Hour Delight 

As the hot day transitioned to evening, I crossed my fingers for that magical golden light photographers dream about. And boy, did it deliver! Glorious golden rays began streaming through the trees. Like any opportunistic, fun-loving wedding photographer, I quickly swept Kate and Alex away for some romantic golden hour portraits.

As we wandered through the fields, the distant sounds of the celebration faded away. Kate and Alex laughed, danced, and soaked in the spectacular view of the sun setting over the hills. It was a lovely, carefree moment for them to spend some quality alone time as newlyweds.  

These images are definitely my favourites from their big day. Not just because they're incredibly beautiful (if I do say so myself), but because of the pure, radiant joy Kate and Alex share. Their love, blissful happiness, and the unadulterated delight of marrying their best friend shine through every frame. It was such a special, unforgettable moment to capture.

You know I could keep swooning, but I'll wrap this up for now. Just keep scrolling for highlights and that must-see supplier squad who made magic happen.

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