bride and groom walking across lawn holding dress off the grass to avoid staining from berries


Registry Office

Laura & Greg

I absolutely love these guys and their day was just amazing!! Scaled down from a grand wedding to this beautiful mini day at the registry office followed by an Airbnb party house. Super sweet and super special!

Laura is a self confessed Harry Potter nerd and they are both heavily into road cycling and triathlons - Greg has even done Ironman triathlon >respect!!< Between them they have a wonderful sense of humour and clearly value the closeness of their families beyond anything.

What Laura & Greg had to say:

What was the most important thing for you on your day? Our day was a simple wedding, all about smiling and hugging. Even though it was sad not to have everyone we love there, we were determined to make the most of it with a small intimate wedding where we didn't stop laughing.

What made your day extra special? Eg, a friend’s speech/ supplier that went above and beyond?

Vicky is an incredibly talented lady! Amazing on the day & everyone loved her.

Your top wedding planning/on the day tip: 


Personal highlight: When Richard The Lionheart snook up and made everyone jump. Pure class!

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DRESS & shoes:

Dress by Elbeth Gillis

Shoes from Kurt Geiger


Claire Bache


Casual Charles Tyrwhitt jacket


Gluten Free gorgeousness by Samatha Avery


The Flower Shop


Dad via Spotify