Vicky Lewis Award wining Wedding Photographer profile portrait

What sort of photographer are you?

Couples say I'm super easy to get on with and that I added to their day in a fun way plus, I smile a lot :)

Whilst I can claim to be an award-winning wedding photographer, the only thing that actually floats my boat are the happy smiles from my couples as they view their photos. That's why I'm here.

My approach to photographing your wedding is very relaxed. I'm unobtrusive and avoid anything too posed and definitely not awkward. I capture most of your day so discretely that you'd hardly even notice I'm there. Yet I'm in there, hands on when needed... I'll carry umbrellas, remove confetti from your hair & bugs from your lace dress, even put out any hair fires........ yes, I have done all of these! (the fire situation wasn't as bad as it sounds)

And really importantly I care! I honestly do! I want you to remember your day exactly as it was, the fun & frolics, the love & laughter. When you look at your images I want you to be teleported back to your day. To feel the happiness all over again and to be totally in love with your wedding photos!

Also, If you're anything like me then you're not keen on having your photo taken (my daughter took my profile pics with the request "get lots of sun flare so you can't see me too well" :) Most people don't really like having their photo taken, I get it and I can help.

Also sun flares are the best!!

If you haven't had enough already, here's some more stuff about me :)

This is a mildly relevant but mostly random list of things about me.

For a better idea if I'm the photographer for you, you should skip straight to sending me a message or even better, give me a call and we can talk about you (far more interesting and a lot more relevant!)

Best thing about being me - I like everyone and generally give off positivity

Something I thought I’d love but actually hated - Bouncy castles in the sea *shudders* Never again!!

I like shoe horns and have fondly named ours Shorn (Shoe/horn) - I don’t like tin openers. Toothpicks are weirdly addictive - Oversized mugs are a must - Not so keen on public swimming pools or public toilets for similar reasons :-/ 

If I had a super power I would time travel... rewind, that's a terrible idea.

I salute magpies

In my past life I was a Graphic Designer and worked on Twinings Tea, Financial Times and The BBC. Agency life was > work hard - party harder < good times! 

I make lists for lists. Even this is a list. If I lose my list I’m lost.

Things that frustrate me... Mainly people who just stop. walking. for. no. reason. 

I like to talk, I'm a bit of a chatterbox. And I like smiling too! Smiling is my favourite.

I’m really bad at singing and not too sure about my dancing so when it comes to the partying it’s probably best that I take the photos

Actually.... I have got something sensible to tell you. I've won a few awards...

“Best Bride & Groom Wedding Photographer (Oxfordshire) 2022"

LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2021

"Most Trusted Wedding Photographer (Oxfordshire) 2022"

LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022

"Hitched Wedding Photographer Award 2022"

Awarded for being recognised amongst the best wedding suppliers across the UK based on positive reviews from clients

Ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t enter my work in for awards or competitions, it's not been on my radar to be an award-winning wedding photographer, as talented as they are, I've just never been fussed.

That being said, I was rather chuffed I won some stuff.

So that’s me… 

Your turn. Get in touch and tell me about your wonderfulness.

mature married couple dancing amongst flower beds

​FAQ's... I haven’t really been asked these questions frequently but in case you were going to frequent asking then… 


Most of my couples aren’t super confident, in fact, a lot of them tell me that they genuinely HATE having their photo taken, not that you’d believe that when you see their pictures. You absolutely don’t need to be an extrovert or a camera confident couple to look great in your photos. In all my years I can count on one finger the amount of couples who have ever said “We love having our photo taken!” But what all my couples do enjoy is just hanging out together + having a laugh. The way I work is probably different to what you imagine. I don’t pose you, I simply interact with you + shoot whatever happens - easy peasy.


I live in Witney, Oxfordshire and mostly cover the surrounding counties. I do like to travel all over the place for weddings because it gets me out of the house but I am a bit of an Eco warrior so I prefer not to travel too far because it's bad for our planet. There are so many amazing photographers you really should be able to find someone locally and there's enough weddings in my location that I shouldn't need to snatch from another photographers patch. All that being said I will travel if you make me feel so loved that I can't resist you, oh and my expenses are paid for.. What I’m saying is – I’ll shoot your wedding, as long as it’s not in my house coz that would be weird and my dogs would get in the way.


Before your wedding we’ll meet up to go through details of your day & then grab some photos of the two of you. It’s the best way for us to get to know each other better before your wedding + remove any awkwardness that *everyone* has about having their photo taken. This will give you an idea of what to expect on the day of your wedding. These photos are a fantastic way to boost your confidence about how amazing you’ll look in your wedding photos and give us a brilliant opportunity to practice some non-posey ideas. You’ll be able to view the images in an online gallery not long after the shoot + you’re welcome to download and share, especially good if you’re only photos till this point were dodgy selfies *embarrassingly holding up my hand*

What if it rains/snows/volcano erupts?

Oh our beautiful wind swept, rain sodden, occasionally sunny Great Britain! We live in a country which is blessed with a mixture of amazing weather regardless of season, which can be not-so-fun on your wedding day, right? Good news is that I’m ready to deal with the elements + have experience of getting amazing photos regardless of the weather… not so sure about volcanos though

How many images do you shoot per wedding?

I shoot up to 2000 images per wedding. I always shoot multiple frames of each setting to avoid focus issues + the blinkers (you know who you are!). I then save you the hard work by picking the best of the bunch. This is usually around 800 images, but it totally varies from wedding to wedding and the wedding package you've chosen.

Do you back everything up?

ERR YEAH! As soon as I get home, I make a break for my computer, swiftly bypassing dogs and children, happily accepting any tea or alcohol that might be offered from Mr Husband and back up your entire day. I actually wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t have your images backed up. The entire raw selection are backed up onto a separate hard drive and the final edited selection of images are also backed up to an external hard drive too so they are kept safe and sound.

Are you insured?

Yep! I don’t trust myself in public places without a crazy load of public liability insurance. I’m a bit clumsy and once fell over a small child who decided to crouch down behind me. No one got hurt and yes it was funny(ish).

Mini Wedding FAQ's

How much time will i need you to photograph our Mini Wedding?

​Whichever wedding package you choose, I like to arrive about 30 minutes early to prepare my equipment - I'd rather be super early than any chance of being late. And to help you understand how much time you'll need for photos, the 1 hour booking will allow time for the ceremony and a few group shots plus a selection of bride and groom portraits. If you want to include your reception and more time for those special candid photos you'd need to extend a few more hours. 

Are there any extra charges?

Get in touch with your wedding plans/ timings and I’ll give you a no-obligation quote.

Travel charges are typically £50 - £100 for weddings outside of Oxfordshire depending on your location.

How do we get our pictures?

You'll receive a USB memory stick containing your high resolution files and your photos will also be available to view and download via an online private gallery which allows you and anyone you shared the link with to download high (print quality) or low (screen quality) resolution images.

The small(ish) print

Prices are for weddings in the Oxfordshire area. Travel costs might be applicable outside this area, ask for a quote.