Kate and Tom

These two/three are very special to me! Kate and Tom's gorgeous little baby girl hadn't yet arrived in the world when they first booked me so, by the time of their wedding day we'd already met for two family photo sessions to capture their sweetest little girl as she grew up.

This was a day so full of love and happiness that it seemed only fitting for the afternoon sky to turn into the brightest golden glow and for the air to be as warm as a summers evening. This was the 12th November!! And when I talked to Kate about how remarkable the sunset was she calmly replied "I knew it would be like this!" Every time Kate had visualised their wedding day at Merriscourt the sky was golden and warm!

There were so many highlights to Kate and Toms wedding... beautiful weather, amazing venue and staff who breezed through the day with warmth and professionalism, Kates Uncles amazing cake and table decorations, their adorable daughter Poppy who was chilled out ALL DAY! Did I mention the sunset? The food at Merriscourt is exceptional and they happily feed the hardworking suppliers. Surprise Singing waiters that went down an absolute storm! Mr Blobby made an appearance. Amazing live music and the most beautiful twinkly fairly lit tree in the courtyard for closing photos.

Funniest moment:

When the Singing waiters had whipped everyone up into a chorus Kate was happily swinging her napkin above her head, and unwittingly swiping Tom across the face with each pass.

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Merriscourt wedding venue
Merriscourt wedding venue
Merriscourt wedding venue, beautiful weddings cotswolds



Merriscourt, Chipping Norton


Butterfly bridal boutique in Bicester


Carly Jane - hair and make up


Suits from SLATERS


David Austrem


Andrew hogarth (Kate's Uncle)


Dj - duke box discos

The singing waiter masters