I know what you're thinking - I probably tell everyone they look amazing

and you're right, I do because it's true!

So - how many selfies do you take until you're happy? 3, 5, 6, 10 maybe more... maybe you're still not happy even at the 10th attempt. So how can you be happy with your wedding photos when you will have no control, no added filters and no retakes? Read on and I'll explain.

There's a few factors to take into consideration here and the first is that I get it! I'm as self conscious as the next person and I totally understand how difficult it can be to feel confident about photos. The last thing I want is for you to look at your photos and think you look frugly. So, I'm always looking for the flattering angle - I want you to love your photos so I'm constantly looking for your best side and the best lighting. We both want the same thing... for you to fall in love with your pictures.

Once you are able to put your trust in me we are a step closer to winning. So the next thing to take into account is that my equipment is way better at taking photos than your mobile. Sorry, but even if you've got the latest iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy my gear will knock the socks off yours because that's what it's made for, it has no other purpose than recording images. So don't worry, along with my eye for flattering angles, magic Photoshop enhancing powers I also have swanky professional gear to get this right for you.

And hey, it's not just me who will be sprinkling magic unicorn confidence glitter over you, your make-up artist will know how to enhance your features and make you feel incredible too!

The feel good factor

Now think about the one, most important thing that is happening on your wedding day... on the best day of your life - you are marrying your best friend, the love of your life. You will be so happy and glowing, your whole face will smile - a true smile! And you might even shed a little unexpected tear, so water proof mascara is a must! (or you will look a bit ropey :)))

When you feel this great, full of love and emotion - you look wonderful! This is just a fact you have to trust me on because it's true. YOU WILL LOOK & FEEL AMAZING!

elegant bride and groom striding in front of stately home wedding venue
young bride and groom laughing while they swirl and dancing
handsome groom admiring beautiful bride in striking photo with long veil


Here's some observations that you could read as 'tips to look amazing in your photos' but that's for you to decide. Some are obvious and some might even be a little controversial so take from this what you want as I'm not the boss :)

  • Ladies, don't spray tan too dark. You will look like you went on a fabulous holiday but your groom is likely to look 'natural'. Did you leave him a home? :{
  • Do your Make-up trial wearing an off the shoulder top/vest. Why? Because your wedding gown will likely show off more skin than you usually show. So make sure your face doesn't just match your neck but also your shoulders, chest and arms.

  • Go easy on the glitter make-up. I love glitter and everything sparkly but just an observation here people... too much glitter on your cheeks can look....a bit sweaty.... Eeek CONTROVERSIAL!! Like I said it's just my observation and I'm not the boss so glitter till your hearts content if it's your thang :)
  • Don't just choose a dress because your friends/mum/next door neighbour tells you it suits you. Choose the dress that makes you FEEL!!!!!! ....

Feel a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Feel b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

Feel like Y.O.U!

  • Keep the RBF at bay. You spent ages on your table plan putting together the best social groups and now you're all seated for the feast. Your guests are excitedly chatting, the wine starts to flow but on your table is your nearest and dearest so there's no need for polite chitter chatter and all of sudden you relax. Hello RBF! Haha! It's fine, your sparkle will come back, but just remember, your photographer will keep snapping right up until the smoked salmon pate is perched on your fork so try to keep a happy demeanour, at least until the camera is out of sight :)

sweet smiling bridesmaid flower girl by window
funny moment as little flower girl tries to cheer up her baby sister while she cries
tearful flowergirl cuddled by grandma

Things you can control...

  • Look after yourself and be kind too. If you're struggling with your wedmin, reach out, one of your bridesmaids will probably be happy to help. If you can't find a supplier for your day, ask me, I'm soooo happy to help in any way I can. And if you're just generally feeling a bit wobbly, it's okay, you're not alone, cuddle up & talk to the one you love. Cuddles are scientifically proven to relieve stress.

  • Your day - your way. If your mum is stretching your guest list & Auntie Mable implies you should have a traditional element to your day that makes you cringe be tactful but be strong it's your day and only you should decide. I tell my couples to use one simple statement to fend off 'over helpful' people with 'under helpful' opinions... "Our day will be full of lovely surprises, I don't want to tell you too much or it will spoil the surprise but trust me you will love it!" And if that doesn't work just nod and smile and say you're thinking about it and still do exactly what YOU want.

  • Drink plenty of water in the run up to your wedding - your skin will thank you. And of course keep hydrated on your day too so you don't get a clicky mouth through your vows but be aware how tricky (and inconvenient) it can be to need too many loo trips. While you're getting ready sip smoothies instead and consider hydrating fruit snacks for slow release fluids. Also, for bathroom trips, the easiest way is to hoik up your dress and sit down front-ways.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff, tbh don't even sweat the big stuff. I've seen all sorts of crazy stuff and 99% of the time, as long as the bride can laugh it off, it just becomes a funny story to recount for years to come with no need for any stress or drama.

  • Ultimately, you can control YOU! Basically don't worry about ANYTHING!! It will be an amazing day even if you have a few ups and downs, just embrace every moment and enjoy your unique day.

Here's a few stories that added to the day... (If I add your story to this list one day, be happy, you have reached legendary status)

  • Best man left the ring at the hotel over a 30 minute drive away. Result; the bride had extra time to chill!
  • Where's the Confetti gone? No one can find it! We improvised and scooped up all the petals that lined the aisle. Result; it was recycled & it was amazing!
  • Best man had a few too many to deliver his speech. Result; Lots of strong coffee to counteract the nerve busting inebriation all added to probably one of the best comedy speeches of all time!
  • Toddler daughter of the Bride tripped just before the aisle walk; Result Bride and gorgeous bridesmaid walked down the aisle holding hands. Very cute moment.
  • Bridesmaid stood too close to a candle and set fire to her hair. Result; I was the superhero who dashed over to save her flaming locks and it's been my favourite wedding story ever since (and her hair still looked fab!)

Things you can't control...

The crazy things people say to you when you're planning your wedding. Honestly, the best thing to do is laugh about it and try not to get too riled up. I know it's easier said than done but don't let anyone stress you out, wedding planning can be stressful enough.

Check out some of these corkers that some of my real-life brides have been subjected to -

"You can't wear black - it's not a funeral!" - Pah! If you want a non-traditional dress, whether it's pink, green, rainbow or black - Do it!! It'll look awesome!!

MIL... "It's just not done to spend the night before your wedding together!" - Oh for goodness sake you're both grown-ups - CHILL MIL!

"Eloping to Vegas is tacky!" - Get out of town!! Vegas will NEVER EVERRRR be a bad idea!

"You will look weird walking yourself down the aisle!" - Not true! You will look EMPOWERED!

"Brides don't do speeches" - Codswallop! People should tweak traditions whenever they want.

"Pizza is not for weddings!" - Erm hello?? Don't be daft :))) Pizza is for EVERYTHING!

BF... "I don't like your dress!" - What??!! BF's, MIL"s, MOH's, everyone... keep any neggyness to yourself!

"How much weight do you need to lose before your day?" - People do NOT ask this question.

"Oh you're getting married, I hope my invites in the post!" - Haha, cheeky!!

"Sorry, I know the invite says no children but you don't mind if we bring ours do you" - Rude!!

"We can't get a dog sitter, can we bring our (massive jumpy/barky) dog" - Hahahahahah..ha..ha...h.... Oh - my - god, you were actually being serious??

"I hope you're taking out your nose ring and covering your tattoos" - What?? How about you wear a wig & false nose (ie go as someone else??) Just say NO! YOU BE YOU! Unless you're a comic book/superhero/Viking dork nerd then go for it and be whoever YOU want to be!

As well as the mental stuff people say you also can't control emotions!! So don't hold back. Laughter & joyful tears are a beautiful part of your day (my favourite!)

And finally you also can't control the weather - it will be amazing come rain or shine!

If you are MOH, MIB, MIL, bridesmaid, friend... one word said three times ... support, support, support!!

newly weds exit church while guests scatter confetti over them
funny moment as strong gust of wind wraps brides veil around grooms head
exciting moment as confetti swirls around in gusts of wind
two white doves in ornate cage at wedding ceremony

The general rule to looking amazing is to relax and have FUN! Smile, grab your drink & if you want to release white doves! Go for it!

bride and groom release two white doves

I hope you've found this helpful. If you've got any tips to overcome insecurities or doubts please share and let's all support each other to achieve positivity in all aspects of our lives.