Style + Approach For Relaxed Wedding Photography.

My approach to photographing your wedding + creating beautiful, relaxed images starts with us getting to know each other a little. Until then, I don’t know if you like Mud runs or all things Disney or a mix of the two. If Mudderella isn't a thing already, it should be. Anyway I digress… So, as every relationship is completely unique, I like to start with the common ground that we all love…. love! I love to photograph lovely people in love and you are so much in love that you’ve arranged an amazing day to celebrate - we are completely on the same page of the same book!

I love all the emotion and feel incredibly honoured to be the witness of so much joy and fun, however what I want to focus on is your genuine relationship and I'd rather get to know you guys on a real level than just position you in a bunch of poses that can be applied to anyone. My work avoids anything stylised or glazed over. I’m not driven by themes or the latest fad. My work is what it is. You being you. That’s how I approach your day and how I give you relaxed and beautiful photographs of your Wedding.


And before you scoot for a mooch through my portfolio I want you to know that I only work with a limited number of couples each year because I like to spread my creativity evenly. I'm bit obsessed with customer experience and wholly believe that your enjoyment of the experience is why your images touch your heart. So, if you would like some of my finite creative juice to be sprinkled over your wedding, you should step into my life with a message to check availability or go straight into a phone call to see how well we connect.

But maybe you’re not ready for that level of commitment yet + just wanna anonymously snoop around a bit longer. No problem, thankfully for the Internet, you can keep exploring before you reveal your interest. And you can even continue over on Instagram or Facebook. And when you're ready to connect you’ll find me friendly, relaxed and totally non pushy. Tbh I’ll even advise you to shop around before you settle to make sure you get this very important decision right and obvs I hope you come back to me because I am THE ONE  ;)

Oh and after you’ve had a gander at some of my work please go and read my ‘About’ page because I’ve gone to town to tell you a whole heap of random and remotely relevant things about me so you can see how I’m totally normal, quit nice, a bit weird, special, wonderful, awkward and completely sensible - and JUST LIKE YOU!
I’d love an invite to your wedding and I’ll bring my camera...

...if you’d like to have a chat about your wedding then just holla!

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