The Intimacy of a Mini Wedding

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Let’s just wrap it all into one and call this a Mini - Micro - Elopement - Intimate Wedding... Blog. Not exactly a catchy description, but hey ho :))) - Getting your head around a 'small' wedding isn't always easy so I thought I'd introduce you to the idea that if you keep your guest list small you can spread your budget to other areas and still have the wedding day you've dreamt of!

While some people love the hustle and bustle of a big wedding with extravagant décor and an incredibly long guest list, others prefer a wedding with less hoopla, allowing for more intimacy between them and their fiancé on this special day. And let's face it, in the crazy world we find ourselves in right now, the Mini wedding might just be your best plan A, B & C. I've photographed several Mini weddings in 2020 and I can honestly say that they have all been magical.

Think 20 people or less - this wedding trend is definitely by invite only. Although if lockdown is still in full swing, you'll need to trim that list down to less than 10 or how about no guests and ask your photographer to be your witness?

And like any exclusive party, a celebration with fewer guests has more potential to deliver big.

The budget per guest is higher, which means your very nearest and dearest can be treated to bespoke touches, elaborate meals and tons of personalisation. This style soiree is perfect for people who don’t like being in the spotlight, which isn't the motivation for everyone, but for some, the thought of a hundred people watching you walk down the aisle and saying your vows can be anxiety-inducing.

Whether you’re a little shy or you just want something more personable and meaningful, it might feel more comfortable for you to say ‘I do’ with just 10 people you love around you, and that’s a perfectly acceptable reason! It’s all about how you want your wedding to be and not about pleasing everybody else.

An Unforgettable Romance

There is something very relaxed and wonderful about small weddings – more time to chat, more time to just enjoy the spaces and time together. You get this incredible supportive, happy and warm atmosphere. A small wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or the type of day you want. A small guest list can allow you to go big on style and atmosphere.

Many couples these days are opting to elope or scale down their guest list. However some people still hesitate when they hear the word “elopement”, because of the stigma the word once carried. Or they feel the pressure to have an all singing all dancing wedding to please everyone. But, as with everything in the world today we evolve and elopements are no longer reserved for couples fleeing their families and marrying in secret, but instead are a small, intimate wedding ceremony that can be made up of either just the bride and groom or include a few dear guests as well. And an added bonus, this enables you to stay within your budget and spend your money on the things that are truly important, such as the location of your choice, an officiant, and a talented photographer who can document your day so that you can remember it forever.

For the no-frills couple, elopement - micro - intimate wedding (whatever title you want to use) can be the perfect option to really get what you want out of the day. It is your day, after all, isn’t it? Therefore, you should really consider whether or not you want to be surrounded by a boisterous crowd, cheering and partying when maybe all you want to do is have a bit of personal time between the two of you.

So, if your favourite activity is to relax in each others company rather than hitting the night clubs, maybe the best kind of reception for you would be a romantic, candlelit dinner with your new spouse to celebrate your day your way.

All of this isn’t to say that an elopement must only include the bride and groom, though. You can still invite a couple of your closest family members and friends, too. Maybe you’d like to have them present at the ceremony, or you’d like them to join you at your quiet, celebratory dinner. Either way, the smaller wedding offers you the opportunity to have your romantic day the way you want it.

There of course can be a disadvantage to the elopement or micro may encounter pushback from friends or family who want you to postpone until everything settles down. You have to be really confident that this is the right decision for you, otherwise you may start feeling guilty about the people who are upset by your choice. It’s absolutely not something that should stop you from having a micro wedding, but it is something to be aware of.

One suggestion is if you choose a venue that specialises in micro weddings so you simply cannot invite everybody because your venue only hosts 20 guests! That can take the sting out of it. So the people you don’t invite will not feel offended – they will understand that this is what you have chosen and should be happy for you. For those that celebrate with you, they will enjoy a really special and personal day.

Speaking of doing things your way, a small wedding party can afford you the opportunity to go wherever you’d like.

Do the two of you enjoy the idea of a sunny beach ceremony on the sand? Or maybe you prefer the bright lights of the city, or an open landscape surrounded by mountains. Either way, your micro wedding can be customisable in both size and location.

So how do you infuse your wedding with all the romance but none of the fuss?

After all, romance is what weddings are all about, right? Think about what your dream wedding looks like, what colours you envision, and how you want to feel when you walk down the aisle.

Upping the lighting will up the romance factor on your wedding day and create a warm ambiance. Lighting is perhaps the easiest element you can use to transform the feel of your wedding.

If you don't have a budget for lighting production, you can speak to your venue about what they can offer or you simply reuse your fairy lights from Christmas, carefully considering how to best light your space, will work wonders.

And of course music is very emotive. Your wedding music can go a long way to setting the feel for your day. Choose personal, un-cliched songs, with a dreamy feel. And for fun you could also have a waltz lesson to get your guests on the dance floor.

Candles work magic in any room, even more so at a wedding. This is perhaps the most affordable way to add instant romance to your soiree.

And the one I really love is sparklers... you can add serious sparkle to your wedding and ensures you finish your night on the most romantic note possible.

The micro wedding offers such a wonderful way for couples to have their tiny cake, and to eat it with those they care about most.

So you’ve decided to elope or go Micro, either because you want to avoid a large wedding party, or simply to enjoy the day together with minimal distractions and as little stress as possible (or Covid, I'm trying not to mention that word!). They say 'all you need is love’ right? But you also want to be properly married and to remember every part of your day. So, I know it sounds obvious but you do still need your officiant and your photographer. A photographic record of the day is a must, and your photographer is the preserver of your memories. Beyond that, your photographer is capable of capturing scenes and moments that you might miss out on during the ceremony and reception.

In summary this incredibly intimate wedding trend is growing fast - and is about so much more than saving money and enforced restrictions. Remember that I am always here to answer your questions! Or if you're wanting to see something specific in regards to photographing your wedding, a few recommendations where to look for your venue, or in fact anything... simply drop me a message and I’ll get right back to you.

I hope you feel inspired to come and visit my little place on the internet to see if I'm that Wedding Photographer you are looking for...

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