2021 Bright & Bold Wedding Inspiration

There’s so many trends coming your way for 2021 from eco-friendly tree planting parties to 70’s themed weddings, the latest trends to inspire us are eclectic and full of meaning. 

And of course we all know why. Hot on the heels of the 2020 lockdown, many of the weddings we get to look forward to next year will be helping the British economy bounce back with a ‘go big or go home' attitude and I LOVE the idea of this!!

(Image: BondPhotography)

Beautiful Boho beach vibes from Bex Brides @bexbrides

(Image: Christina McNeil)

Vera Wang’s use of colour is eye dazzling

Whether you are one of the many broken hearted couples who have been forced to postpone this year or you're in the group who are nervously watching and waiting for normality to return in time for your big day, this crazy time is having a profound effect on us all and how we'll choose to celebrate.

There will be two clear paths to emerge from 2020, the trend for intimate micro weddings and elopements for those who feel the need to scale everything back to a tight-knit group with their nearest and dearest... (see my next blog for more inspiration on this) And the maxi-wedding where everything is oversized and extravagant for those with a passion to go bold and make a statement with every detail.

One of the biggest trends for 2021 will be to buy British. And oh my days the UK economy will need the boost. We’re going to see more couples choosing to support the incredible network of UK suppliers than ever before, from bridal boutiques to photographers and caterers that are right on your doorstep. 

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One thing's for sure, 2021 will be busy for the wedding industry, with all the dates rolled over from this year and there’ll be many couples who will want to inject an extra level of creativity into their day to make it truly unique and meaningful. 

So if you’re looking for something bright, bold and brimming with creativity for your big day you’re in the right place!

I’ve jam packed this blog with inspiration to rainbow your wedding and show you how you can tastefully flood warmth and colour into your day to make it every bit as memorable as you deserve it to be.

Take a look at this gorgeous collection....

If being bold and fearless is your bag then you’ll certainly take centre stage with a unique Flower Crown.

Bombini Studio - Headwear As Unique As You!

Floral Hats & Headpieces

Oh how I love these magnificent creations! Totally bespoke and handmade with love, to make the most unique and striking statement. They’ve been featured in Tatler, Glamour & Rock N Roll Bridal Magazine. You can even buy Hen party boxes with a variety of stunning flower crowns to make sure your girls look as wild and wonderful as they feel! I'll be posting a guest blog from Bombini Studio soon so you can learn more about this wonderful creative lady and the magic she makes just for you.

So..., when you're wearing an Insta worthy bridal crown you need something to make the whole scheme come together and that's exactly what I love about these shoes.

Converse wedding shoes aren't just cute, they're super comfy and on trend too.

I have completely fallen in love with these pretty wedding shoes from Converse, crafted from all white leather with a scalloped detailing. And you can add the wording of your choice to the outer of each shoe to create a personalised pair of wedding trainers. What's more, when your wedding day is over make sure you pack these beautiful custom Converse for your honeymoon.

Wedding trainers aren't glamorous enough for every bride or at least not for the whole day so check out these Ralph & Russo beauties inspired by the colours of 1970'S miami beach. These Tri-Coloured suede sandals capture the era’s vibrant glamour and are simply gorgeous!

Such a great way to embrace colour, teamed up with a vivid gown and a dynamic headdress you'll create the freshest finish that will be immensely uplifting. Once you've looked beyond the traditional colour themes, anything goes, and this injection of bright bold colours adds an extra excitement level to your wedding. With colour, there are endless opportunities to express your personalities without restriction, and to have fun with your decorations! You could even ask guests to come dressed colourfully, for a super bright wedding!!

So let's talk styling...

Your wedding theme is a very personal expression and needs to be about you. How you feel and who you are. If you are the traditional type, then the boho festival vibe maybe isn't for you, but if you want to party like it's a summer full of fun and festival love then let's have a look at some lush styling props and hope you remembered to invite the sunshine...

I just love The Prop Factory for everything from vintage furniture to glorious rainbow bunting and much more...

Colourful and full of summer fun, festival ribbon bunting shows off the full spectrum of glorious rainbow colours to give a lovely shimmer when it flutters in the breeze.

You can position these absolutely fabulous vintage sofas inside or out to make wonderful photo settings and of course are super comfy, a great place to relax and fix your daisy chain.

Now I don't think there's a wedding photographer on the planet that doesn't do a little dance of joy when you say you plan to have balloons - and even better, BIG balloons! It's just so much joy for your eyes! Especially joyful when they're biodegradable and can be designed to suit in every shape, colour and size imaginable.

Bubblegum Balloons always make my eyes tingle on Intsa with their impressive installations that really set the stage. If you thought balloons were just for children’s parties, think again. Bubblegum Balloons have taken the humble balloon and given it a new lease of life, transforming it into the ultimate feel good accessory. With handmade tassels, tails, confetti and the occasional dash of glitter, the simplest of balloons can be transformed into a show-stopping party piece.

D'you see what I mean about 'eye tingling'?!! WOW factor or what?!! These are incredible and just make you feel soooo good!

But nothing, and I mean nothing makes you feel better than cake :))) And all newly weds deserve a cake to wow their tastebuds and make the yummiest part of your wedding decorations.

We can agree that dessert is one of the best parts about your wedding day, right? There's so many amazing styles and trends that Pinterest and Instagram are a great mouth watering place to start your search. Here's a few that will certainly make for an eye popping cake cutting photo!

(Image: Pinterest)

There's endless incredible UK based Wedding suppliers out there looking forward to putting your dream day together and adding their little piece of magic. And of course I can't wait to photograph it!

If you're planning your 2021 wedding and want to talk about your photography or your ideas I absolutely love sharing wedding inspiration, providing helpful tips and linking you with suppliers you just can't find.

Stay in touch and stay safe xxx

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