If you’re reading this, chances are you’re newly engaged. First off, HUGE congratulations! The next 12 months can be exciting and overwhelming - I hope I can help…

Hey, you’ve just got engaged and instantly followed about 5,000 wedding photographers on Instagram :))) …what now? 

Saying “yes” to the person of your dreams is beyond amazing but before you shout it from the rooftops and book all your vendors in a blink, take some time to soak it all in - just the two of you. 

Floating on cloud nine is such a great feeling and very tempting to rush straight into wedding planning. But hold on… you’ve got some daydreaming to do first. What does your special day look like? How does it feel? Sweet and intimate, wild and extravagant, elegant and formal, festival vibes, funky retro-themed, relaxed and traditional or totally unique to you? And then there’s the all-important subject - budget!

Diving straight into wedding planning the day after you got engaged could feel overwhelming and without a plan, you might just stress when you don’t need to.

A wedding mood board is a great starting point to help you nail down your style. And if hiring a wedding planner is an option, they can pull together the wedding of your dreams, even if you’re not sure what that is just yet. Annd, they are often guilty of actually saving you money!

So, before you get started and make any big decisions, take some time to just be together in engaged heavenly bliss. Then get your favourite fluffy pen and notepad or if you’re a spreadsheet kinda couple it’s time to enjoy snuggling up together and writing down the things that are most important to both of you. 

And to help out, I’ve created this 12 month Wedding Planning Timeline to help keep you organised. This guide breaks tasks down month-by-month to make sure you accomplish all the things you need to before your wedding day. 

Need any help?

Hopefully, that’s given you a headstart on your wedding planning journey. Everything can take a bit of time to research so ask for help if you need any, I’m always happy to recommend suppliers I’ve worked alongside and highly rate.

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