Hi, I'm Vicky and this is a mildly relevant but mostly random list of things about me. For a better idea if I'm the photographer for you, you should skip straight to call me or send a message and we can talk about you (more interesting and a lot more relevant!)

I'm not just your photographer... on your day, I'm your confidant, organiser, friend and general helper.

Best thing about being me - I like everyone


Worst thing about being me - When I don't get a joke I awkwardly fake laugh which convinces no one, so I'd look less dopey if I just say 'I don’t get it'. If I do this to you please feel free to explain it.


Something I thought I’d hate but actually really enjoyed - Games of Thrones because heads not being attached to bodies makes me feel weird and there’s a lot of that in GoT. I had to peek through my fingers to desensitise before I could get into it. 


Something I thought I’d love but actually hated - Bouncy castles in the sea *shudders* Never again!!


Most embarrassing wedding worky moment - erm not sure I should confess this but I asked the best man to take his phone out of his pocket but he didn’t have anything in his pocket ;)))) oh we laughed (my face was quite red!!) 


I like shoe horns 

I don’t like tin openers 

I get too attached to browser tabs

Toothpicks are weirdly addictive

Not so keen on public swimming pools or toilets for similar reasons :-/ 


If there was a chance you could have been cloned what weird thing do you do that would show people you were the real you. I have to wash a glass that is clean before I can drink from it. A clone wouldn’t do that would they?  (I have actually told my kids to test this out if they ever suspect I’m a clone!!) 


I have a mild northern accent and pronounce glass not glaRss and grass not graRSS and bath not bARTH and AFTER not ARFTER. I had a funny experience when I first moved South when I asked in Blockbusters (yes it was yonks ago) if they had Mask. The guy had no clue what I was saying until someone translated for me and asked for MaRsk. This has made me chuckle because I think the way I say it is right and Southerners should speak properly hahahahaha! Sorry, not sorry ;)


Seeing as southerners put R’s in everything I adapt my accent to whoever I'm talking to like a verbal chameleon. Just don't arsk me to say grarss because I sound too ridiculous.


My super powers are: Super sonic hearing. I can cut hair really well. I can resurrect dead house plants. I know when cats have fleas (that’s not so super because I get bitten more than the cat so it’s a pretty crap power really!) I can cure headaches with my healing fingertips, true story! I can hide my fist in my mouth. Really don’t know what this power could be used for and it’s quite gross so no I won’t show you. 


If I actually had a super power I would control time 


I have a few superstitions like I always salute a single magpie and if I see two magpies I’m really happy. Oh and I have lucky stones. My favourite stone is shiny and black and shaped like a heart. 


Favourite childhood moment.... watching Greece. Well, it was more the journey to and from the cinema. We took a group of friends in our VW camper van. No-one had seatbelts on because I’m old enough to have lived through that era. We were kids bouncing around all over the camper on the way there and after the movie... omg!! I flicked my hair to one side, kicked out my hip and strutted on that bus like Sandy with big heart emoji eyes for Danny. Life changer. 


In a next life I’d come back as a seagull and eat chips 


I make lists for lists. Even this is a list. If I lose my list I’m lost.


Favourite season - Autumn closely followed by Spring

Least favourite weather - wind 


Favourite bit of me - my sparkle. That’s actually my favourite part of everyone 


Least favourite bit of me - toe number 2


Who do I most admire. That’s gotta be my mum. She’s really lovely and kind but she’s also a bad ass hard as nails granny with ninja reflexes. She was the warm up dance act to The Beatles and a Kung Fu teacher. And everyone says she’s lovely x


What am I not scared of - Snakes. Also not scared of spiders I just really, really, really don’t like them. 


I am scared of flying. I used to like flying and have travelled all over - short and long haul, even old Russian war planes in Cuba with no navigation systems that relied on the pilot remembering which hill to turn left at!! But since a pee pee moment landing in Hong Kong’s notorious Kai Tak airport I’m not so keen! 


I hate making beds and have a total inability to tell a single from a double or double from a king! Bleurgh! King sized duvet mushed into a double duvet cover, poppers done up, looks bumpy as hell, why do I even have a double?? Sod it, it’ll have to do until wash day comes round again. I did actually suffer a mildly serious finger injury from making the bed that required surgery, so maybe I’m psychologically damaged by the experience and it runs deeper than just a hatred of housework (or I might just hate housework) If the entire household had matching bedding and socks, life would be a lot easier. 


Favourite ‘thingy’ word is thingamajig. My husband’s favourite ’thingy’ word is shopping or sometimes washing. Very confusing… 

‘Where’s that... erm that.... shopping?’ 

‘What shopping?’ 

‘You know, the shopping?’ 

‘No clue!!! 

‘The washing… you know, the washing?’ 

‘Still no clue!!!’ 

Things I collect. Lucky stones 

Things that frustrate me. Mainly people who just stop. walking. for. no. reason.

And people who hang up a phone call without saying “Bye, bye… bye”


I’m really happy when I wake up and I like Mondays.

I like to talk, I'm a bit of a chatterbox. 

I really like weddings. Especially the bits where people do the dancing.

I’m really bad at singing and not sure about my dancing either so when it comes to the partying it’s probably best that I take the photos

I’m actually really, really good at cutting hair. I know, that’s weird isn’t it?!! I’ve never been trained but my folks say that it’s because my Nan was a hairdresser so I get it from her. How bonkers is that??!! Haha, like if she was a pilot, I’d be able to fly a plane :))

I’m not a cat or a dog person, I like both… I do prefer dogs but don’t tell my cat. My dogs are just nicer - simples! And my cat swipes at my ankles when he’s hungry but my dogs just look really cute.

So that’s me… oh except my profile picture really needs updating, lockdown hair is back to brunette!!

Your turn. Tell me about your wonderful weirdness.

There’s nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without. Your true best friend.

I want to photograph this connection. I want to capture the true versions of you two. Don’t hold back. You be you, I’ll be me. Let’s create something real.